Adam Stanović


Adam Stanović (Stansbie) is a composer, performer and writer specialising in contemporary electronic music.

Adam started composing almost 20 years ago and, since then, has worked in studios throughout the world (IMEB, France; Musiques et Recherches, Belgium; VICC and EMS, Sweden; CMMAS, Mexico; amongst others). His pieces have received multiple international awards and mentions (Bourges; Metamophoses; Destellos; Contemporanea; SYNC2015; Musica Viva) and have been released on 10 different record labels (Elektramusic; Taukey; Sargasso; ICMA, amongst others).

Adam has performed his music in some 500 festivals and concerts around the world, including many of the most significant contemporary music events (Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival; International Computer Music Conference; International Society for Contemporary Music). Beyond this, he has featured in wide range of popular music contexts, from the Glastonbury Festival to appearances on the BBC. He has represented contemporary music from UK at two major international events.

Alongside his music, Adam has written numerous articles and book chapters; these consider compositional methods, analytical approaches, the nature of performance interpretation and authenticity, amongst others. Since taking up a full-time lecturing post at the age of 25, Adam has worked in various UK universities. He is currently based at The University of Sheffield, where he directs the MA in Composition and the MA in Sonic Arts.

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