EMAS Programme

Time Session Type Name/Title
26th Jan  
10:00 Registration Opens  
10:45 Welcome from BEAN Adam Stanović and James Andean
11:00 Introduction Simon Emmerson: Celebrating EMAS’ 40th Anniversary
11:45 Coffee  
12:00 Concert Pete Stollery – Onset/Offset

Leigh Landy – To BBC or Not

Louise Rossiter – Homo Machina

Aki Pasoulas – Irides

Silvia Rosani – Intermezzo 2

Andy Lewis – Skyline

13:15 LUNCH  
14:15 Paper Session Lawrence Casserley: The Royal College of Music Electroacoustic Music Studio and its Place in the History of Live Performance Electronic Music in Britain

Neil OConnor: Reconnections: Electroacoustic Music & Modular Synthesis Revival

15:15 Invited talk Leigh Landy: EMAS –> BEAN: Looking back and forward, from outside and from within
16:00 Panel discussion Denis Smalley, Jonty Harrison, Trevor Wishart, Rolf Gehlhaar, Jo Thomas

Chair: Simon Emmerson


17:30 Concert Denis Smalley – Pentes

Katharine Norman – In the Stream

Trevor Wishart – Anna’s Magic Garden

Evelyn Ficarra – Those Roads


Jo Thomas – Angel

Jonty Harrison – Klang

Rolf Gehlhaar – Five German Dances: Dance III

Simon Emmerson – Spirit of ’76

20:00 Dinner  
27th Jan  
10:00 Registration Opens  
10:45 Welcome Andrew Hill
11:00 Papers Session Simon Hall: Mixing the mixed: Representation, agency and staging in commercial audio recordings of works for instruments with tape

Robert Bentall: Electroacoustic Music and Collaborative Creation

12:15 Concert Emma Margetson – Cimbaal

Andrew Hill – Abstracted Journeys

David Holland – Talasgair

Nikos Stavropoulos – Karst Grotto


Yorgos Stenos Frantzios – Reconstruction

Ambrose Seddon – Traces of Play

Tom Williams – Can

13:30 LUNCH  
15:00 Panel Discussion Andrew Hill, James Andean, Nicola Candlish, Emma Margetson, James Mooney

Chair: Rob Bentall

16:30 Concert (early evening) Dimitrios Saava – Moments of Liberty III: Standing Without

Paolo Pastorino – Threshold – unbalanced system

Benoit Granier – Shape of Contents

Christian Eloy – Les Raisins et le Rideau


Dominic Sambucco – Versenkung

Guillaume Dujat – Divine Cut

Rob Bentall – Telian

17:30 Close (and pub)  




Listening Room

Mirjam Tally – Interferences

Chris Bevan – Steel & Ivory