EMAS call for works

Please note: this call for works closed on the 1st Nov, 2018

Electroacoustic Music in Great Britain: Past/Present/Future

26th / 27th January 2019

Call for Attendance, Papers and Pieces

This two-day event celebrates a very significant anniversary: 40 years since the founding of EMAS (The Electroacoustic Music Association of Great Britain).

EMAS newsletter

In celebration of this founding, the British ElectroAcoustic Network, in association with the School of Design, University of Greenwich, invite you to contribute to a weekend of talks, concerts and discussions celebrating the achievements of Electroacoustic music in the UK. In doing so, we hope to explore the varied history, and vibrant present, of electroacoustic music practice in the UK, and to project forwards toward new futures.

We invite you to contribute to the weekend through:

1. Talks and Panel Discussions:

Contributions are sought in the form of presentations, provocations, discussion topics.

Themes of particular interest include:

  • Historical perspectives of electronic and electroacoustic music in the UK including key institutions and alternative/untold histories.
  • Contemporary issues in Electroacoustic music including diversity, current trends and the public position of Electroacoustic music.
  • Electroacoustic futures.
  • Submissions that challenge the established or recognised histories of electroacoustic music.

Proposals or abstracts of no more than 200 words may be uploaded  by clicking here!

2. Musical Contributions:

Musical submissions should reflect the history and breadth of electroacoustic music in the UK or seek to challenge conventions and look towards the future. We are also open to proposals that include significant historical works (where performance is feasible.)

  • Concert works should be no greater than 15 minutes in duration, submitted as a 44.1Khz wav or aiff
  • Multichannel works (up to 8) are welcome but submissions should include a stereo mix
  • Works incorporating live elements and electronics should include a brief technical rider

 Musical submissions should be completed by clicking here!

Deadline for all submissions: 1st November 2018

We are committed to platforming voices from across the electroacoustic field including those outside of, as well as within, institutions.  We particularly welcome applications from women and under-represented groups.

If you would like to discuss this or anything else relating to these opportunities, please contact the British ElectroAcoustic Network on britisheanetwork@gmail.com

Important dates

–              Submission Deadline: 1st Nov 2018
–              Decision from the review panel: 15th Nov 2018 (revised to 28th Nov 2018)
–              Confirmation of attendance: 10th Dec 2018
–              Event dates: 26th and 27th January 2019

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