BEAN @ Autumn Waves Festival, Brussels

This week, BEAN was represented at the Autumn Waves Festival in Brussels, with a performance of Mario Cáceres’s work ‘Bricks and sticks’:

The Autumn Waves Festival, organised by FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgian Federation for Electroacoustic Music), takes place October 1st to 3rd 2021 at the Project(ion) Room in Brussels, presenting pieces from composers working in Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia, as well as works by composers from all over the world proposed by the National Federations of ICEM (International Confederation for Electroacoustic Music).

TONIGHT! 6pm UK time: CIME 2021 Festival online concert

TONIGHT!! The CIME (International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music) 2021 Festival features an online concert of new international works, including works from BEAN / UK:

Matthew Thompson – Etude (2021) fixed media

Mario Cáceres – Bricks and Sticks (2021) fixed media

Wil Morrison – Performance (2020) audiovisual performance

Friday September 17th, 6pm UK time.

CIME 2020 Concerts

The annual General Assembly of the International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music will take place this week, Friday and Saturday September 25th and 26th, as part of which there will be concerts live-streamed each day at 6pm BST from the CIME website:

We are very pleased to announce that Dimitris Savva and Alex Bailey have been selected to represent BEAN/UK in the concert on Friday September 25th, with the following works:

Dimitris Savva – Echo the nymph of reflection (2020) [9:30]
Alex Bailey – Defective (2017) [7:07]

BEAN in Havana

The XIVth International Festival of Electroacoustic and Electronic Music in Havana, Cuba, will feature a short programme of works selected by BEAN.

Works by Jacek Laaser, Chris Bevan, and Nikos Stavropolous will feature in a concert on Thursday March 12th 2020.

Thursday March 12th 2020, , 3:30 pm, Sala Manuel Galich
Concierto de electroacústica British ElectroAcoustic Network:
Nikos Stavropoulos:  Claustro (for Huw Mcgregor)
Jacek Laaser: Teraz
Chris Bevan: Residual Motion
Homenaje a Juan Blanco: Neil Leonard (Estados Unidos), Vivian Adelberg Rudow (Estados Unidos), René Rodríguez, (Cuba) y Rezak (Cuba).


Holland and Rossiter represent UK

We are very pleased to announce that David Holland and Louise Rossiter were selected to represent BEAN/UK at the latest CIME annual general meeting. The meeting, hosted in Krakow by Marek Chołoniewski, featured concerts and talks from members around the world, and was an excellent opportunity to show some of the most exciting works produced in the UK over the past 12 months. Louise Rossiter’s piece – Homo Machina – was subsequently published on the CIME DVD, showcasing works selected by member organisations.

Here is a nice photo of Louise Rossiter performing during the event:


EMAS 40th celebration

Over the weekend, almost one hundred people registered to attend our EMAS 40th anniversary celebrations, which featured music from many of the UK’s finest composers and discussions from many well known figures in the field. A few initial photographs are included below, but a full set shall follow in due course:

Manuella Blackburn performed at FeBeME-BeFEM

Following our recent ‘call for works’, we are delighted to announce that Manuella Blackburn’s ‘Snap Happy’ was performed in Belgium, at the FeBeME-BeFEM, 12th – 14th Oct. Manuella’s piece was the British ElectroAcoustic Network selection for the concerts drawn from CIME member organisations, as can be seen: here.

We look forward to more activities with our CIME colleagues in the future. Blackburn