Lisa Whistlecroft

Lisa Whistlecroft is a sonic artist based in north-west England.  After many years as an electroacoustic music groupie, she started composing relatively late in life, thanks to encouragement and support from Jonty Harrison.  Throughout her professional working life in higher education teaching support she identified as an amateur composer, campaigned (quietly) to restore that word to its meaning of composing for the love of it, and protested its usage to mean second rate.  In 2000 she was elected to the Board of Directors of Sonic Arts Network and was company secretary for 4 years.

Lisa’s concert pieces have been performed across the world but she now mostly works collaboratively with theatre and environmental artists, creating sound scores for dance, film and installations, for a wide variety of venues.  The Saturated Moment (with Nigel Stewart and Dominique Bulgin, 2007) was performed in the ROH, Covent Garden; Ghost Bird (for Louise Ann Wilson and Nigel Stewart, 2012/14) was a 4-hour, continuously-playing, 4-channel setup in a fire-lit stone barn with no power supply, half way up a mountain valley!  She is currently working with a dancer/researcher on night-time sound and movement in Cumbrian ancient woodland.

Lisa regards composed sound as a means to enhance people’s understanding of the world and their place within it, and their appreciation of landscape, story, fable, myth and spirituality.